Vercelli Space Syntax

I worked with Redas Engineering Italia to develop a proposal for improving pedestrian and bicycle corridors in the small to medium sized city of Vercelli, Italy. The work initiated with a thorough spatial analysis, relying on tools of Space Syntax.

The results were interpreted in many ways, however the most profound finding was an inconsistency between the perceived centre of the city and the structural centre. This finding led towards countless strategic proposals, predominantly on remediating the link between the perceived centre (where people think the centre of the city is), the defined centre (where transportation and infrastructure is centred) and the structural centre (where the streets with the highest centralities intersect).

I believe that the findings of this project are particularly characteristic of my work flow, and in particular my logical reasoning which links the highly-quantitative spatial network analyses with user perception, and resulting in a concise and unique finding that could not have been discovered otherwise.

In particular, the structural centre of Vercelli is being used as a parking lot! It is a large-open space that at one point served as a market square. It is not a surprise that vehicles found their way to this highly-integrated portion of the city, but it is now the city’s responsibility to reclaim this valuable space and make it work more effectively in the urban form.


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