urban promo- first prize!


In October/ November 2014 the Urban Promo organisation based in Italy sponsored a design contest as part of the Urban-promogiovani6 conference at the Triennale di Milano. The contest centred upon regeneration strategies for real areas in actual cities and was open to students anywhere in the world.

The proposals were judged on their integration into surrounding neighbourhoods, focus on sustainable energy, incorporation of social housing and the morphological setting of the proposal.


First and second prizes were awarded on the basis of Overall Design Quality and on Social Housing. Prizes were issued based on online votes and by a panel of 5 international experts in the fields of Urban Design, Architecture, Planning, Sustainability and Social Housing.

The [email protected] project was submitted to be considered for the Overall Design award and based upon the selection by the international panel of experts, has won First Prize!! There were 80 submissions to be considered, from student groups and teams from 7 countries. It was an excellent honor to win this award, furthered by the fact that there were so many international submissions and moreso, that the project was awarded a prize based on its merit as selected by the panel of experts, rather than an online vote…


You can read more about Urban Promo on their website

About the Contest itself

The Submission

Or read into more detail about the project, an adaptation from the outcome of my MSc in Urban Design

If you have any questions about the project or the award or hey, if you want to help turn it into something real, please get in touch!




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