Urban Morphometrics

Urban Morphometrics: Towards a Science of Urban Form is the research presented to gain the award of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Urban Design. The work was submitted and accepted in June, 2016. The thesis progresses through various phases. It first recognises the need for a systematic and objective process of studying the urban form, as well as the need for a more comprehensive and unified set of definitions of the geometric components of the urban form. The research progresses to propose a methodology, the set of lexicon and to then validate the research through intense statistical analysis.

The results are validated and evidence is given that this process is viable, robust and internationally-applicable. The work proceeds to apply Urban Morphometrics to traditional studies of Urban Morphology and then to use Urban Morphometrics as a Form-Based Code and Masterplanning tool. The work has since gained traction and is utilised in other publications, professional practice and academic endeavours.

Urban Morphometrics: Towards a Science of Urban Form

Doctoral Thesis

Submitted to and Accepted by the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, UK

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