Space Syntax


Space Syntax is as much a theory as it is a process. The idea is that we can represent streets and spaces in a way that reflects how people intuitively perceive and use the urban environment. Then, by analyzing these representations with special techniques of mathematical graph theory, it is possible to understand new aspects of how the city works.

Space Syntax has been developed in academia over the past 40 years and is continually evolving. There is excellent research demonstrating the link between these measurements of space and: land value, movement + mobility, commercial success, safety, and health


My background in mathematics allows me to understand the processes of Space Syntax concretely, but my perspective and experience as an urban designer lets me translate this information into useful guidance and designs.

The techniques of Space Syntax are flexible, and I know how to adapt them and integrate them into any project and to support any team. There is no single way to use this approach, but it is up to me to use it creatively.

Overall, using Space Syntax techniques allows for a deeper, more complex understanding of the city, a neighbourhood, a public space, and even the layout of the inside of a building. I harness this information to develop new insights and make better designs.

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