Masterplan Board

The final masterplan for Glasgow @ Hand centres on a proposal for tunnelling the M8 Motorway and incorporating a tunnel for North/South train connections as well as downgrading the neighbouring Clydeside Expressway into a useable, urban boulevard.

The realisation of these large infrastructure changes would allow for the reconnection of historic street layouts and a multitude of new cross-Clyde bridge proposals will ensure movement across the river.

Various neighbourhood centres are designed strategically and the urban form in these areas is meant to facilitate easy movement and neighbourhood life

Some historic buildings and other important developments are retained and integrated into the proposal. The focal points of this masterplan are the proposed central bus/rail interchange and a new rail station on the south bank of the River.

The sustainability of this area after implementation of the masterplan has the highest priority in the design process. Small plots, central and well-connected street networks and the ability to adapt to change is inherent in this plan.

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