Comparative European Subway Studies


The Comparative European Subway Study, or CENSUS, is an independent research project I have been engaged in since 2015. The aim of the project is to develop a comparative framework for assessing the impact of subway systems in major cities in Europe. The framework will consider social factors as well as the impact of the transportation infrastructure in the urban form.

CENSUS will reveal relative strengths and weaknesses of the various underground networks in Europe and will develop an indicator of the success of the system. Ultimately, this method will provide a comprehensive and quantitative assessment of which are the best and worst subways on the continent.

Until the project is completed, few findings are to be released and the methodology is not to be disclosed. The image above is a representation of a single indicator upon which the metropolitan systems are evaluated. Pictured is the Relative Centrality Index Assessment for the Metro Milan, depicting the catchment areas of the subway stations weighted by the relative centrality of the station within the overall underground network.

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