From the Suburbs to the City

I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago -- this is a fate I wish on no other person, and that is simply why I have become an urban designer. In this post I will try to explain what a suburban nightmare really looks like, and give a different type of argument for why we must stop this pattern of building. Here is a run down of what it was like growing up there:- there is nothing to do - you spend a lot of time in the car - [.....]

urban promo- first prize!

In October/ November 2014 the Urban Promo organisation based in Italy sponsored a design contest as part of the Urban-promogiovani6 conference at the Triennale di Milano. The contest centred upon regeneration strategies for real areas in actual cities and was open to students anywhere in the world.The proposals were judged on their integration into surrounding neighbourhoods, focus on sustainable energy, incorporation [.....]


I spent two years in Tarragona. It is a relatively small town, about an hour south from Barcelona on the east coast of Spain. It is a wonderful town, it was my home for two years and it will always be a home for me!I can speak about life in Tarragona for ages, and catalan culture, however I want this short post to focus on the city as an exemplar of good urban design. I will try to do this through images and basic [.....]