barras regeneration

Working with Willie Miller Urban Design and Nick Wright Planning, our task was to propose possible interventions in the acclaimed Barras Market in Glasgow. There is very little scope for large-scale physical interventions, so many of the strategic aims for the Barras will focused on minimal intervention, such as painting, ground treatment, benches, signage, etc. as well as community and local merchant interaction.

This is a challenging area: it has extraordinary historic significance and a central location on the Eastern edge of the city center. I don't think it's possible to walk through the 4 block area at any time and think to yourself how pleasant it is, nor that it functions well. But if considered objectively, it works pretty well -- there are music venues, bars, cafes, different types of shops, and the area's character changes from morning to night and from day to day.

This was one of the first realisations in the project, that any proposals would have to be considerate of the fluctuating character and tap into that. The second consideration was to understand why for a place that works well on paper, it is so unpolished in person? This was the purpose of our preliminary analysis -- the image at the top is from our series depicting the character shifts and interaction with the open spaces at different times of the day/ week.

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